Jacob Appelbaum Banned From Prominent Hacker Conference Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Jacob Appelbaum has been banned from Chaos Computer Club events following numerous allegations that he sexually assaulted women and acted inappropriately at hacker events. Appelbaum regularly spoke at CCC events like Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp.


The Forest for the Trees

It feels rather sardonic to say this now, openly, after two years spent alternating between trying to inhibit my rage and convince myself that I hadn’t been hurt, followed by seeking out other victims, in order to develop the collective capacity to defend ourselves and to have the simple ability to speak out in a manner which would be heard and not discarded.


But he does good work

Right now, my inbox holds media requests from Buzzfeed, Daily Dot, Guardian, Associated Press, and newly, La Repubblica, Italy’s largest newspaper. They are working on stories about Jacob Appelbaum. Specifically, his history in tech and hacking as it relates to his harassment and abuse of others, and the astonishingly widening pool of victims and witnesses coming forward in the past ten days.


The Weaponising Of Social Part 2: Stomping On IOError’s Grave

I once tried to tell Jacob Appelbaum a funny joke. He did not think it was funny. In fact, he was visibly mortified and uncomfortable. My joke was a retelling of something that had happened to me when I was still on the opposite side of the planet. I have a really dark, sardonic, acerbic Kiwi sense of humour, that has been sharpened by surviving everything that has been thrown at me to date.


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The Weaponising Of Social Part 1: The Crucifixion of IOError

Thanks to a small group of supposed anonymity-protecting privacy activists thousands of people now know the name of Jacob Appelbaum’s fiancée`. Even those that didn’t want to. We found it out by reading an extremely controversial website launched a week ago, that had a few sparse accounts of some nasty sounding happenings allegedly involving Jacob, with promises of more to come.


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Die letzte Schlammschlacht von Gawker - Rufmord an Appelbaum

Mit Lügen in die Insolvenz: Mit einem haltlosen Bericht über einen angeblichen sexuellen Übergriff in Hamburg zeigt der amerikanische Blogkonzern, was er kann – und warum er untergeht. Es sah einfach zu gut aus. Auf der einen Seite steht scheinbar allein das Böse, der bekannte Netzaktivist Jacob Appelbaum, früher ein wichtiger Mitarbeiter des TOR-Verschlüsselungsdienstes, heute ein gejagter Mann, dem anonym im Internet durch eine Prangerseite sexuelles Fehlverhalten vorgeworfen wird. Ein Star der Szene, der zum Paria geworden ist, nachdem er das TOR-Projekt letzte Woche verlassen hat. Auf der anderen Seite stehen die Guten: Wütende Feministinnen, die den Bösen als Vergewaltiger bezeichnen, eine Netzöffentlichkeit, die nach weiteren Details der Übergriffe verlangt, und drei Helden, die bereit sind, offen und mit Klarnamen zu berichten, wie sie Augenzeugen bei einem Übergriff von Appelbaum wurden.


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Cryptome pdf on Jacob Appelbaum

Tor Appelbaum Separation Agreement

Jacob Appelbaum Suspension 2015

Jacob Appelbaum, Rise and Fall of Celebrities

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In Solidarity with Jacob Appelbaum and on the Side of Justice for All

We, the undersigned, are a group of women who have been friends, colleagues, co-workers or partners of Jacob"Jake" Appelbaum over many years. We have decided that we must speak out due to the nature of this coordinated and one-sided attack on his character and work. It has become clear the mainstream media are unwilling to fact-check, and only too willing to persist in spreading uncorroborated and unfalsifiable rumor. This statement is to give our positive experiences with Jake from our first-hand, long-term perspectives, over many public and private situations.


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Statement by Jill Bähring regarding Jacob Appelbaum

On June 7, 2016, Gizmodo published a story in which “eyewitnesses” - Emerson Tan, Meredith Paterson, and Andrea Shepard - supposedly “recount” Jacob Applebaum’s “unwanted sexual advances”. The article was quickly picked up and developed further, for example by the dailydot. I am the girl in that story. 
 I recall that night clearly, and my story is entirely different. This is how it happened. I have been romantically involved with Jacob Appelbaum, but I also consider him a close friend. That night in Hamburg, it was the 26th of December, we had dinner with several friends in the Raddison Blu Restaurant. After visiting the 32C3 venue, we, together with a large group of people, went to the Raddison Blu Hotel Bar. We sat down at the bar and had drinks. I was sitting on Jacob’s lap, next to him was a close friend and his partner, and on our other side another friend. Jake and I were flirting with each other all night.

twitlonger.com Eyewitnesses Recount Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum’s Unwanted Sexual Advances gizmodo.com

Jill Bahring: I Was Not Assaulted by Jacob Appelbaum The woman involved in an eyewitness account of sexual misconduct by ex-Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum given to Gizmodo says her experience of the night in question is “entirely different.” In late May, Appelbaum stepped down from his position at the Tor project. Following the announcement of his departure, numerous anonymous accusations surfaced accusing Appelbaum of rape and sexual assault. Since then, more women have stepped forward accusing Appelbaum of sexual misconduct.


Violet Blue Jake hated and threatened me because I wouldn't fuck him.........

twitter.com twitter.com

Jill Baeh I confirm that I am the woman of the gizmodo/dailydot...........


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Jacob Appelbaum no longer monochrom ambassador

Jacob Appelbaum no longer seems to be ambassador for the artist group monochrom. Appelbaum was still listed on the monochrom website in April, before allegations of harassment and violating boundaries became public.


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Jake Appelbaum

Hi. I’m Nick Farr. (@nickf4rr) I used to be a pretty effective organizer working behind the scenes at Hacker Events in Europe and on various projects back in the USA. After a deliberate campaign of abuse orchestrated by Jake Appelbaum at the 30c3, I don’t feel safe or welcome in the community anymore. In fact, I physically shut down every time I get close to going back.


He said, they said A number of people are now coming forward with details of the long record of sexual misconduct committed by Jacob Appelbaum. The stories I have read are entirely consistent with my own experiences being sexually involved with Jacob in 2006-2007.


Jacob Appelbaum allegedly intimidated victims into silence and anonymity This story contains graphic details of alleged sexual assault. In the wake of programmer Jacob Appelbaum’s abrupt departure from the Tor Project, rumors and accusations about both sexual misconduct and bullying have surfaced that extend back years. Appelbaum was suspended without pay for two weeks from the Tor Project in March 2015 as a result of an internal complaint filed against him due to harassing behavior toward other employees, according to sources within the Tor Project.


Statement on Jacob Appelbaum In light of the allegations that have been made, Jacob Appelbaum is no longer a member of our outside volunteer technical advisory board. We hope that the serious accusations made against him, and his denial of them, are resolved as fairly and as expeditiously as possible.


JacobAppelbaumLeavesTor Disclaimer: This is a place for me to collect evidence and news on the story. I am currently not personally or professionally involved with anyone from the Tor Project, therefore do not send me inquiries asking for official comments from them other than what I have included here. I will source everything as thoroughly as possible; however, just because I include information or sources here does not mean I agree or disagree with it/ them. I will only include information that is publicly available; any information that is given to me in confidence will not be published without the expressed consent of the sender. I do not condone the harassment of any individuals, accuser or accused, on the basis of information that is presented here.


Nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen: Cult of the Dead Cow trennt sich von Jacob Appelbaum Nachdem in den vergangenen Tagen vermehrt Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen Jacob Appelbaum bekannt wurden, hat sich nun auch die US-Hackergruppe Cult of the Dead Cow von dem Aktivisten getrennt. Zuvor hatte der bereits das Tor-Projekt verlassen.


CULT OF THE DEAD COW Statement on Jacob Appelbaum ioerror


Tor Appelbaum Separation Agreement

cryptome.org [pdf]

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Jacob Appelbaum

Jacob Appelbaum leaves the Tor Project

This is what I could gather:

25.5. - Shepard posts bfb9a7c833a5fc8f5a938d816b1bbc4acaa06519fdb1af4c8632719596807dac on Twitter

2.6. - Tor project extremely briefly announces that Applebaum leaves Tor

3.6. - Shepard reveals the hash was sha256("It seems one rapist is one rapist too many\n")

3.6. - Meredith L. Patterson says Applebaum raped enough people that Tor org could no longer ignore it


Confirmed: Jacob Appelbaum left Tor amid sexual harassment complaints

Those who have worked with Jake won't be surprised at all by this. These are accusations coming from multiple people in the tech/privacy/infosec crowd, not from the government.

For those thinking these are government-sponsored lies, do you think Meredith Patterson of Status 451 Blog is working with the government?


blog.torproject.org/blog/jacob-appelbaum-leaves-tor-project … is a gross disservice to the Tor community. People deserve to know why Tor evicted its resident sociopath.


Tor had the chance to nip this in the bud back when Jake was just a plagiarist. They ignored it, and he graduated to sexual assault.


.@mmeijeri Jake finally raped enough people that Tor as an organisation couldn't ignore it anymore.


Jacob Appelbaum on Twitter: "Berlin, June 6, 2016 In the past few days, a calculated and targeted attack has been launched to spread (cont) t.co"


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Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum Resigns Amid Sex Abuse Claims

Jacob Appelbaum has courted controversy throughout his career as a privacy and transparency activist, picking fights with several of the world’s most powerful government agencies over surveillance and state secrecy. Now he’s at the center of an entirely different sort of controversy: accused of rampant sexual and emotional abuse. On Saturday, the privacy-focused non-profit Tor Project where Appelbaum held a position as a developer and activist released a statement explaining that Appelbaum had resigned from his position with the group as a result of a series of “serious, public allegations of sexual mistreatment” made by unnamed victims against 33-year-old Appelbaum. An anonymous website collecting testimonials from those alleged victims published the same day, with five victims detailing claims that range from uninvited groping and kissing to rape.


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Jacob Appelbaum: Vorwürfe sind "komplett falsch"

Journalist und tritt nach Druck durch das Tor-Projekt zurück Die gegen ihn erhobenen Vorwürfe der sexuellen Nötigung sind "komplett falsch". Mit einer ausführlichen Stellungnahme auf Twitter meldet sich Jacob Appelbaum nun, zu am Wochenende öffentlich gemachten Vorwürfen, zu Wort. Darin schreibt er von "kalkulierten und zielgerichteten Attacke", mit der "boshafte und falsche Anschuldigungen" gegen ihn verbreitet werden sollten.


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