Wednesday, 8. June 2016

Jake Appelbaum

Hi. I’m Nick Farr. (@nickf4rr) I used to be a pretty effective organizer working behind the scenes at Hacker Events in Europe and on various projects back in the USA. After a deliberate campaign of abuse orchestrated by Jake Appelbaum at the 30c3, I don’t feel safe or welcome in the community anymore. In fact, I physically shut down every time I get close to going back.

He said, they said A number of people are now coming forward with details of the long record of sexual misconduct committed by Jacob Appelbaum. The stories I have read are entirely consistent with my own experiences being sexually involved with Jacob in 2006-2007.

Jacob Appelbaum allegedly intimidated victims into silence and anonymity This story contains graphic details of alleged sexual assault. In the wake of programmer Jacob Appelbaum’s abrupt departure from the Tor Project, rumors and accusations about both sexual misconduct and bullying have surfaced that extend back years. Appelbaum was suspended without pay for two weeks from the Tor Project in March 2015 as a result of an internal complaint filed against him due to harassing behavior toward other employees, according to sources within the Tor Project.

Statement on Jacob Appelbaum In light of the allegations that have been made, Jacob Appelbaum is no longer a member of our outside volunteer technical advisory board. We hope that the serious accusations made against him, and his denial of them, are resolved as fairly and as expeditiously as possible.

JacobAppelbaumLeavesTor Disclaimer: This is a place for me to collect evidence and news on the story. I am currently not personally or professionally involved with anyone from the Tor Project, therefore do not send me inquiries asking for official comments from them other than what I have included here. I will source everything as thoroughly as possible; however, just because I include information or sources here does not mean I agree or disagree with it/ them. I will only include information that is publicly available; any information that is given to me in confidence will not be published without the expressed consent of the sender. I do not condone the harassment of any individuals, accuser or accused, on the basis of information that is presented here.

Nach Missbrauchsvorwürfen: Cult of the Dead Cow trennt sich von Jacob Appelbaum Nachdem in den vergangenen Tagen vermehrt Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen Jacob Appelbaum bekannt wurden, hat sich nun auch die US-Hackergruppe Cult of the Dead Cow von dem Aktivisten getrennt. Zuvor hatte der bereits das Tor-Projekt verlassen.

CULT OF THE DEAD COW Statement on Jacob Appelbaum ioerror

Tor Appelbaum Separation Agreement [pdf]

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