Friday, 10. June 2016

Statement by Jill Bähring regarding Jacob Appelbaum

On June 7, 2016, Gizmodo published a story in which “eyewitnesses” - Emerson Tan, Meredith Paterson, and Andrea Shepard - supposedly “recount” Jacob Applebaum’s “unwanted sexual advances”. The article was quickly picked up and developed further, for example by the dailydot. I am the girl in that story. 
 I recall that night clearly, and my story is entirely different. This is how it happened. I have been romantically involved with Jacob Appelbaum, but I also consider him a close friend. That night in Hamburg, it was the 26th of December, we had dinner with several friends in the Raddison Blu Restaurant. After visiting the 32C3 venue, we, together with a large group of people, went to the Raddison Blu Hotel Bar. We sat down at the bar and had drinks. I was sitting on Jacob’s lap, next to him was a close friend and his partner, and on our other side another friend. Jake and I were flirting with each other all night. Eyewitnesses Recount Tor Developer Jacob Appelbaum’s Unwanted Sexual Advances

Jill Bahring: I Was Not Assaulted by Jacob Appelbaum The woman involved in an eyewitness account of sexual misconduct by ex-Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum given to Gizmodo says her experience of the night in question is “entirely different.” In late May, Appelbaum stepped down from his position at the Tor project. Following the announcement of his departure, numerous anonymous accusations surfaced accusing Appelbaum of rape and sexual assault. Since then, more women have stepped forward accusing Appelbaum of sexual misconduct.

Violet Blue Jake hated and threatened me because I wouldn't fuck him.........

Jill Baeh I confirm that I am the woman of the gizmodo/dailydot...........

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