Saturday, 18. June 2016

Jacob Appelbaum Banned From Prominent Hacker Conference Following Sexual Assault Allegations

Jacob Appelbaum has been banned from Chaos Computer Club events following numerous allegations that he sexually assaulted women and acted inappropriately at hacker events. Appelbaum regularly spoke at CCC events like Chaos Communication Congress and Chaos Communication Camp.

The Forest for the Trees

It feels rather sardonic to say this now, openly, after two years spent alternating between trying to inhibit my rage and convince myself that I hadn’t been hurt, followed by seeking out other victims, in order to develop the collective capacity to defend ourselves and to have the simple ability to speak out in a manner which would be heard and not discarded.

But he does good work

Right now, my inbox holds media requests from Buzzfeed, Daily Dot, Guardian, Associated Press, and newly, La Repubblica, Italy’s largest newspaper. They are working on stories about Jacob Appelbaum. Specifically, his history in tech and hacking as it relates to his harassment and abuse of others, and the astonishingly widening pool of victims and witnesses coming forward in the past ten days.

The Weaponising Of Social Part 2: Stomping On IOError’s Grave

I once tried to tell Jacob Appelbaum a funny joke. He did not think it was funny. In fact, he was visibly mortified and uncomfortable. My joke was a retelling of something that had happened to me when I was still on the opposite side of the planet. I have a really dark, sardonic, acerbic Kiwi sense of humour, that has been sharpened by surviving everything that has been thrown at me to date.

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