Friday, 6. January 2017

Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls of the 1980s-90s

Računari was a computer magazine of the former Yugoslavia which lasted from 1984 until the late 1990s – surviving the economic turbulence and wars of the 1980s-90s, and even outlasting the country itself. The title simply means “computers” in Bosnian – and its content was just that: very bland, very technical, nothing flashy… but its covers were another matter entirely.
Despite the very low-key tech content, the guys at Računari decided to put some spice on just about every cover. Nearly every issue featured a ravishing Eastern Bloc Beauty straddling computer hardware. Let’s have a look at some of these covers spanning the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. Enjoy.


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Are pop conceptualists The KLF returning in 2017?

The disruptive UK duo once burned £1 million and refused to talk about it for 23 years – as that anniversary approaches, a 45-minute documentary about the band has now appeared.

The KLF, one of pop music’s most subversive groups, broke up in 1992 by deleting their entire back catalogue, teaming up with Extreme Noise Terror at the BRIT Awards, taking a machine gun on stage, and shooting the audience with blanks. After their retirement, the duo of Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty formed the K Foundation with the royalties they made with the band and proceeded to wreak havoc on the art world. Eventually they decided to burn £1 million in August 1994 for a piece titled K Foundation Burn A Million Quid. Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu To Return This August


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How to make a hempcrete wall

The development of hemp in the United States has been ridiculous, because idiot politicians thought it was the same thing as marijuana (it's not) and banned it back in 1970 as a Schedule 1 drug. In actuality, though hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa, it has less than a 0.3% concentration of THC, the psychoactive ingredient that you need to get stoned. (Marijuana has a 5%-plus concentration.)
Nowadays, thankfully, open-minded materials scientists and builders have discovered hemp's value as an eco-friendly building material. As host of the UK's Grand Designs TV show for nearly two decades, British designer Kevin McCloud has seen his fair share of building techniques and materials.

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Kodak Ektachrome Film is Coming Back from the Dead

It’s not every day that you hear about a classic film line being brought back from the dead, but that’s what’s being announced today. Kodak Ektachrome film is coming back for film photographers.
The announcement was made today at CES in Las Vegas by Kodak Alaris, the separate company owned by the Kodak Pension Plan in the UK that runs Kodak’s old Personalized Imaging division.

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Razer’s Insane Project Valerie Laptop Packs Three 4K displays

Two years ago at CES, Razer teased us with their Project Christine modular gaming PC. This year they decided to show off something a little more portable: a gaming laptop with three 4K displays.

Razer’s Insane Project Valerie Laptop Packs Three 4K displays I played Battlefield on Razer’s three-screen laptop

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Österreichs Innenminister will „in allen Fragen eine lückenlose Überwachung“

In einem Hintergrundgespräch hat der österreichische Innenminister Wolfgang Sobotka mehr Überwachung angekündigt, berichtet der Standard:
Delikte wie der Tritt gegen eine Frau in einer Berliner U-Bahn-Station oder unterlassene Hilfeleistung im Fall eines in einer Essener Bankfiliale gestürzten 82-Jährigen rechtfertigen laut Sobotka auch in Österreich „in allen Fragen“, und diesen Satzteil wiederholt der Innenminister stark betont, „in allen Fragen eine lückenlose Überwachung“.
Die vom Minister vorgeschlagenen Maßnahmen haben es in sich. Neben elektronischen Fußfesseln für verdächtige Gefährder und einem Ausbau der akustischen Überwachung im öffentlichen Raum, fordert der ÖVP-Mann eine Vernetzung und Zugriff des Staates auf alle in Österreich eingesetzten privaten Überwachungskameras.

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Der Fake-News-Fake

Die allgemeine Verharmlosung des Lügens hat mittlerweile dazu geführt, dass Betrug ganz offiziell als Dienstleistung angeboten wird
Gerade zu Jahresbeginn sollten wir uns wieder darauf besinnen: Früher war nicht alles besser.
Aber manches schon. Zum Beispiel das:
"Es existiert ein Mensch, der allein Schuld an allen gesellschaftlichen Fehlentwicklungen von heute hat."

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Marine Le Pen asked to repay €9 million bank loan: reports

The far-right party has been struggling to raise election campaign funds.

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen was told to repay €9 million of a loan from a Russian-based bank, according to media reports.
The Russian Bank Deposit Insurance Agency is calling in part of the loan granted by the First Czech-Russian Bank, which has since been dissolved, Le Monde reports. The National Front is operating thanks to two loans — one for €9 million and one for €2 million — from the bank dating from 2014.

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Here’s why Nazis are loving Ann Coulter’s latest tweet

Madonna sang that “life is a mystery” and never has that been more true than today—the day Ann Coulter cryptically tweeted a single number, and set the world aflame with speculation.
— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) January 5, 2017
What could Ann possibly mean? Is she (incorrectly) counting down the days until President-elect Trump’s inauguration? Is she celebrating the birthday of a particularly long-lived dog? Life truly is mysterious.

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Internet Archive now has over 700 videos of Trump

One of the most important stewards of the internet has launched a new archive that can only be described as big league.
The Internet Archive this week expanded its Trump Archive, a collection that now includes more than 700 speeches, interviews, and debates that feature President-elect Donald Trump.

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