Saturday, 7. January 2017

San Francisco's DNA Lounge is now on Patreon

The umbrella of DNA is host to countless vibrant communities and thousands of regulars. We've had many years of the most diverse, weird, interesting calendar of any venue. A typical month here doesn't include just bands and DJs, but comedy, lecture series, circuses, robotic exhibitions, dance performances, hair shows... We always strive to provide a home for a whole lot of truly amazing art.
DNA Lounge has always been a political project: an attempt to move the needle of culture in this city. To provide a forum for a wide variety of art that makes this city a better place. DNA Lounge is putatively a business, but it is also activism.
A political, cultural and artistic project like this does not come cheap. While we consider DNA Lounge to be monumentally successful in all the ways that truly matter, monetarily, the club has always operated at a significant loss.

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WikiLeaks Announces Dangerous Plan to Publicly Expose Verified Twitter Accounts – Listing Families, Location, and More

On Friday, popular hacker and political leak organization WikiLeaks made a startling announcement that they would soon begin gathering together all available information on all verified accounts on Twitter in a list that has many disturbed.
Many have responded in outrage to what they consider to be “doxxing,” which is the illegal search and publishing of private information on a public forum, usually with malicious intent.
In the tweet, the WikiLeaks Task Force informed the social media site of their possible next venture and then asked the public to assist in the selection of key criteria for their upcoming list.

We are thinking of making an online database with all “verified” twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships.
— WikiLeaks Task Force (@WLTaskForce) January 6, 2017

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Ex-CIA head quits Trump team amid intelligence standoff over Russian election hacks

Former CIA Director James Woolsey says he is no longer serving as an advisor to President-elect Donald Trump.
“I didn't want to fly under false colors,” Woolsey told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “I'm not really functioning as an adviser anymore, and so when I'm on the screen, everybody announces that I'm former CIA director and that I'm a Trump adviser. And I'm really not anymore.”
Woolsey was the head of the Central Intelligence Agency from February 1993 until January 1995. He began advising Trump in September.

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Trump, Prince, and Queen Elizabeth: 2016’s most-read Wikipedia articles

The English Wikipedia’s list is led by the United States president-elect, who topped all other articles with nearly three times more views than last year’s #1. But the second-screen effect powered Britain’s queen, Pablo Escobar, and O. J. Simpson to surprisingly high places.

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Peter Kogler Uses Optical Illusions to Transform Museums Into Works of Art

When visiting a Peter Kogler exhibition, you might think you made a wrong turn into a hall of mirrors. It’s actually his art.
What M.C. Escher did with his trippy drawings, Kogler does on walls, floors, and ceilings. For more than 30 years, the Austrian artist has been transforming subways, art museums, and lobbies using computer-generated optical illusions. Kogler also uses projections and silkscreens that morph solid structures into abstract, sinuous surfaces.

ING Art Center, Brussels, 2016

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Iceberg the size of Delaware to break off from Antarctica

A large sheet of ice is set to break away from Antarctica and scientists say it will be one of the largest breaks of its kind recorded.
Larsen C -- a sprawling sheet of ice in western Antarctica -- is currently attached to its parent shelf by 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) of ice, according to UK-based research team Project MIDAS.
Once it splits, the crack will produce an iceberg around 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles) -- approximately the size of the state of Delaware.

Larsen C Ice Shelf

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Stunning Video Of Earth By NASA Astronaut Shares Beauty Of Our Big Blue Marble

When you’re the country’s astronaut who has clocked the most days in space, such as NASA’s Jeff Williams with his 534 days of space time, you still may not be a household name or a social media star, but when you bring home ultra high-def (UHD) footage of the Earth, the internet loves you.

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