Friday, 8. July 2016

Dallas Police Used Robot Bomb to Take Out Cop Killer

Dallas police used a robot bomb to take out the suspected shooter behind the ambush attack in which five officers were killed, Police Chief David Brown said Friday. Dallas police chief: we used a robot to detonate a bomb next to the suspect, killing him. He did NOT shoot himself. — Jamie Grierson (@JamieGrierson) July 8, 2016 Dallas Police Chief gives an update on what happened in Dallas: "the suspect is deceased" and did not kill himself — Sky News (@SkyNews) July 8, 2016 How the Dallas Police Used an Improvised Killer Robot to Take Down the Gunman Everything we know about the bomb robot used by Dallas police Are Police Allowed to Robot-Bomb Suspects? The Dallas Shooting and the Advent of Killer Police Robots Using a Bomb Robot to Kill a Suspect Is an Unprecedented Shift in Policing Everything We Know About Dallas Shooter Micah X. Johnson

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