Wednesday, 4. July 2012

Higgs boson discovery: now the real work begins

Scientists at Cern are confident they have found the 'God particle', but months and years of analysis lie ahead

The search for the arcane, theoretical particle known as the Higgs boson has drawn on the world's largest scientific instruments and occupied thousands of researchers over more than two decades. The discovery – or probable discovery – at Cern, the particle physics lab near Geneva, will go down as a triumph of science, engineering and collective hard graft. Now the real work begins.

Months and years of analysis lie ahead to confirm that the particle is the elusive Higgs boson. If so, physicists want to know whether it is the simplest kind of particle put forward in physicists' theories, or something more unusual – and more exciting. CERN observes new fundamental particle – what comes next?

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Higgs Pareticle Is Simply YOK

Eppur si muove
Regardless Of Whatever Whoever Say Higgs Particle YOK

Regardless Of Whatever Is Said By Whoever Says It -
Higgs Particle YOK.

S Hawking is simply wrong. Obviously wrong.
Everyone who accepts the story of the Higgs particle is simply wrong.
Plain commonsense. Singularity and the Big Bang MUST have happened with the smallest base universe particles, the gravitons, that MUST be both energy and mass, even if they are inert mass just one smallest fraction of a second. All mass formats evolve from gravitons, convert into energy i.e. extricate from gravitons clusters into mass formats in motion, energy, and end up finally as mass again in a repeat singularity. Universe expansion and re-contraction proceed simultaneously..

Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)

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