Tuesday, 22. June 2010

Oil in the Gulf, two months later

62 days have passed since the initial explosion of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and the crude oil and natural gas continue to gush from the seafloor. Re-revised estimates now place the flow rate at up to 60,000 barrels a day - a figure just shy of a worst-case estimate of 100,000 barrels a day made by BP in an internal document recently released by a congressional panel. Louisiana's state treasurer has estimated environmental and economic damages from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could range from $40 billion to $100 billion. Collected here are recent photographs from the Gulf of Mexico, and of those affected by the continued flow of oil and gas into the ocean.

(37 photos total)

Oil in the Gulf two months later


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BP oil leak

Several questions have brought by oil spill in Gulf of Mexico. We haven't yet over recession, and another predicament has came. The best solution to this problem hasn't yet found, and so everyone is worried that we couldn't get out of wood. The government has been working on for us to get rid of it, yet we haven't seen any progress with their bills. This oil spill is another threat to everyone. Moreover, it's impact to the environment and public health is really distressing. Sad to say, but that's the truth.

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