Tuesday, 24. April 2012

No Fugging chance: Fucking village told they can't be renamed Fugging because name is already taken

The poor townsfolk of Fucking, Austria, just can’t win. The residents decided that after years of ridicule by English speakers that it was time to change their name to something less giggly. There was just one problem. The name is already taken.

The villagers choose the name Fugging, but there is already a Fugging in Austria. It just happens to be the the residents of Fugging once called their town Fucking also. Apparently those folks are a bit less tolerant to foreigners making fun of them because they changed their name in 1836.

“Nobody alive now remembers why it was changed from Fucking to Fugging, but it was and that is now our name. We think one Fugging in Austria is enough,” said Fugging Mayor Andreas Dockner.</p>

No Fugging chance


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Are You A Badass?

As regular listeners know, we here at Thunk Tank are committed to saluting the badasses and feats of badassery that make this world a more interesting place to live. Some listeners may be confused, however, as to what exactly makes an individual or a particular accomplishment badass. In order to clarify the criteria by which we evaluate candidates for This Week in Badassery, and to help listeners determine whether they themselves are badass, we’ve created this simple quiz. Just answers these six questions and total your score at the end to determine whether or not you are a badass.

Are You A Badass?


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Caviar speed-eating world championship held in Russia

Hundreds of guests attended the competition, held at a Moscow restaurant called The Apartment. Twelve people were chosen as contestants by lottery. The competitors were to consume half a kilogram of black caviar as quickly as possible.

The competition was won by Alexander Valov, a stocky 49-year-old man who came to the competition in a business suit. He conquered the other contestants by devouring his half-kilogram valued at £3,100 ($5,000) in one minute, 26 seconds. As a prize, he won 10,000 rubles (£211, $340) and more caviar to take home.


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