Racism is spreading like arsenic in the water supply

Now neo-Nazis are being given a voice on the news. Britain must guard against extremists seducing others with racist views One of the genies uncorked by the referendum of the EU has been low-lying fascism and extreme nationalism. This is not to say that all leavers were racists. Far from it. But one of the political forces that have been unleashed is a form of dangerous nativism that unchecked will threaten us all. It’s clear from the barrage of reports that a form of bigotry in everyday conversation is being legitimised. It is not racist to worry about high levels of immigration but a climate of fear is being created in the name of leavers. There are reports of schoolchildren terrified of being deported. “Polish vermin”, “Paki cunt” and “send them home” seem to be becoming something that immigrants and non-whites have to once again have to endure.


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Zunahme rassistischer Vorfälle in Großbritannien

Stimmung gegen Migranten und Ausländer verschärft sich nach dem Brexit Dass der Brexit die britische Gesellschaft spaltet, davor hatten selbst prominente Politiker des Pro-Ausstiegs-Lagers während des Wahlkampfs gewarnt. Die Konservative Sayeeda Warsi etwa wechselte aus Protest gegen den zunehmend fremdenfeindlichen Ton der Debatte die Seite. Der britische Finanzminister George Osborne hatte Anfang Juni in einem Fernsehinterview kritisiert, dass die rechtspopulistische Ukip das EU-Referendum in eine Abstimmung über Einwanderer verwandelt habe.


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Return of the Reich - Mapping the Global Resurgence of Far Right Power

Return of the Reich: Mapping the Global Resurgence of Far Right Power — an INSURGE intelligence investigative series commissioned by Tell MAMA In May’s presidential elections in Austria, Norbert Hofer, the candidate for the far-right Austrian Freedom Party (FPO), lost by less than one percentage point to his rival, Alexander van der Bellen. But the FPO is not merely a ‘far-right’ political party. It is, more precisely, a neo-Nazi party which harbours an insidious fascist ideology inspired by Adolf Hitler. If Hofer had won, he would have been the first neo-Nazi head of state in the European Union. While Europe breathed a collective sigh or relief at his loss, the narrowness of his rival’s victory reveals how close we are to a dangerous tipping point in party politics, not just in Austria, but across the continent. The project was commissioned by the national hate crime charity, Tell Mama, as a four-part investigative series into the evolution of the far-right as a trans-Atlantic network.


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