FBI verhaftet Guns N'Roses-Blogger

Fünf Beamte der US-Bundespolizei FBI haben am Mittwoch den kalifornischen Blogger Kevin Cogill festgenommen, der neun unveröffentlichte Songs der Rockband Guns N'Roses ins Internet gestellt hatte. Wie Cogills Co-Autoren im Musikblog antiquiet.com berichten, wurde Cogill am frühen Morgen in seinem Haus verhaftet und im Schlafanzug abgeführt.


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BBC v Bloggers

Am enjoying the BBC being on the back foot and apologetic as a result of stories by Iain and the chaps at the Biased BBC blog being picked up by the Dead Tree Press.

The fact is that the BBC worldview is a cultural suppressant. We all learn from the BBC that America is bad, Israel is very bad, businessman are bad, all problems can be solved by throwing more money at them, but we are all going to die from global warming anyway. They are the BBC, that is what they do.


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New York Times Link Generator

Need to link to a New York Times article from your weblog? Enter your link here, and we'll give you the weblog-safe link:


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The Memory Hole Banned in Iraq

I've received email from a person with an [army.mil] address. This person is stationed in Iraq, and he/she tells me that The Memory Hole is blocked on military computers. Trying to get to the site results in the following message:

Access Denied (content_filter_denied)

Your request was denied because of its content categorization: "Extreme;Politics/Religion"

For assistance, contact your network support team.

¬> thememoryhole

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The Hill's Sex Diarist Reveals All (Well, Some)

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) on Friday fired a young staffer for "unacceptable use of Senate computers" after she posted her sex diaries on the Internet and raised a hubbub of speculation last week: Who is this wicked woman that calls herself "Washingtonienne"? Was she really bedding six different men or making it all up? And who is the married, high-level federal employee she claims paid her $400 for a lunch-hour tryst?

¬> washingtonpost.com

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Streit um Weblog-Software «Movable Type»

«Movable Type», eine Software, die zahlreiche Netztagebuch-Betreiber einsetzen, wird zum kommerziellen Produkt. Die Ankündigung der Herstellerfirma wurde zum PR-Debakel.

¬> netzeitung.de

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SPAM Referrer Spamen für DAU `s

Gestern habe ich das erstmal in den Referrer festgestellt das www.riaa.com spamt & war hier auf antville nicht der einzige. Einen tag vorher war der President auf diesen blog. Und sonst nervt mich seit mitte dezember der spam Referrer von StarProse. StarProse ist das ersten Dau tools zum Referrer SPAMING. Mir wird übel.

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Why I Fucking Hate Weblogs!

Introduction: Weblogs are fucking stupid. Weblogs suck ass. What the fuck is up with this shit? Fuck. Who the fuck cares what these people think about oatmeal or what the UN did last week? Nobody! Who reads these weblogs? Nobody! Maybe fellow weblog authors read each others weblogs out of a sense of desperation...the feeling that if they read someone else's weblog, someone will read theirs. It's kindof like cooperative advertising too, people will cross-post, linking weblog entries to each other's weblogs. How fucking pathetic is that? I hate weblogs.

¬> WhyIHateWebLogs

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BlogShares closed down

I am sorry to announce that BlogShares will not be reopening after the current technical difficulties are resolved. Currently, the database server is dead and looks to be for the next few days.

The latest system crash has highlighted to me that deliverying a fun, useful service for the BlogShares community requires an active operator and developer. As most of you are no doubt aware I've been neither for the past couple of months. That has led to a decline of quality service, new features and ultimately income for the site and it looked likely that there wouldn't be enough to pay for next month's hosting.

¬> blogshares

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Das Ende des Bloggens?

"Die Handlung, die darin besteht, auf einer Internetseite auf verschiedene Personen hinzuweisen und diese entweder durch ihren Namen oder auf andere Weise erkennbar zu machen, stellt nach dem Gemeinschaftsrecht eine automatisierte Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten dar."

¬> Martin Röll sieht das Ende des Bloggens

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Weblogs bringen immer mehr schwierigkeiten

ich habe meine seite eben dicht machen müssen . (antinmyp.antville.org) - eben richtig ärger bekommen deswegen. waren zu viele baustellenfotos drauf ,einige kommentare dazu haben einigen kollegen nicht gepasst ,daraufhin wurde die geschäftsleitung informiert.

¬> frankai

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