60 Jahre Cern - Fotostrecke

1954 als Kernforschungszentrum gegründet, ist das Cern in der Schweiz heute das größte Zentrum für die Erforschung der Teilchenphysik. Seit 2008 ist 100 Meter unter der Erde der größte Teilchenbeschleuniger der Welt in Betrieb. Die Entdeckung des als "Gottesteilchen" gerühmten Higgs-Bosons vor zwei Jahren bildete den Höhepunkt in der 60-jährigen Geschichte des Cern.


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Happy 50th birthday, Compact Cassette: How it struck a chord for millions

On 30 August, 1963, a new bit of sound recording tech that was to change the lifestyle of millions was revealed at the Berlin Radio Show.

The adoption of the standard that followed led to a huge swath of related technological applications that had not been envisaged by its maker; for Philips, the unveiling of its new Compact Cassette tape and accompanying recorder was about enticing people to buy a fuss-free portable recording system.


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Andy Warhol

To honor the anniversary of Warhol’s birthday, August 6, 2013 The Andy Warhol Museum and EarthCam launched a collaborative project titled Figment, a live feed of Warhol’s gravesite. This live feed, viewable 24 hours a day, seven days a week worldwide is available above.


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The highly productive habits of Alan Turing

On the week of his 100th birthday, we celebrate the mathematician's life

June 23 marks the 100th birthday of Alan Turing. If I had to name five people whose personal efforts led to the defeat of Nazi Germany, the English mathematician would surely be on my list. Turing's genius played a key role in helping the Allies win the Battle of the Atlantic—a naval blockade against the Third Reich that depended for success on the cracking and re-cracking of Germany's Enigma cipher. That single espionage victory gave the United States control of the Atlantic shipping lanes, eventually setting the stage for the 1944 invasion of Normandy.

 Alan Turing


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The Anarchist Cookbook Turns 40

The next time a TSA goon manhandles your junk, thank a writer named William Powell. His Anarchist Cookbook, which turns 40 this year, laid out how to build nitric acid explosives out of everyday objects, cook homemade nitroglycerin, and sabotage communications systems from the comfort of your home, all in concise, approachable language. It launched the era of the everyman bombmaker—and the notion that no one’s above suspicion.

Anarchist Cookbook

wired.com Anarchist Cook Book Table wiki FBI Releases File On the Anarchist Cookbook [pdf]google

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EFF Celebrates 20 Years With Birthday Fundraiser

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is celebrating 2 decades of defending digital rights with a big 20th birthday fundraiser hosted by Adam Savage of MythBusters on Wednesday, Feburary 10th at DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

EFF Celebrates 20 Years

eff.org via

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New York feiert 400. Geburtstag

Mit Böllerschüssen und einer Parade historischer Schiffe startet New York die Feiern zum 400. Geburtstag der Stadt: Eine Woche lang gedenkt die Millionen-Metropole der Ankunft der Holländer am 11. September 1609 vor der Insel, die die Lenape-Indianer "Mannahata" nannten.


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Big Ben rings in 150th birthday

A giant birthday message is to be projected on to Parliament's clock tower to mark 150 years since the first ringing of Big Ben.

The Great Bell struck its first hour on 11 July 1859 and a year of celebrations is taking place for the anniversary.

The message reading "Happy Birthday Big Ben, 150 years, 1859 - 2009," will be beamed on to the tower after sunset.


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Nov. 16, 1904 - Vacuum Tube Heralds Birth of Modern Electronics

1904: British engineer John Ambrose Fleming invents and patents the thermionic valve, the first vacuum tube. With this advance, the age of modern wireless electronics is born.

Although the Supreme Court eventually invalidated Fleming's U.S. patent -- ruling that the technology he used for his invention was already known -- he remains the acknowledged inventor of the vacuum tube, a diode (having two electrodes) that would have far-reaching applications. The tube was standard equipment in radio receivers, radar sets, early television sets and other forms of electronic communication for at least half a century, until it was replaced by solid-state electronics in the mid-20th century.


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Remembering Timothy Leary On His Birthday YouTube Videos

If Timothy Leary were alive, he would be 87 years old today. But Timothy Leary is dead, having passed from our lives in 1996.

In remembering Timothy on his birthday, I Googled for a portion of his autobiography, Flashbacks called "My Conception of My Conception" in which he "describes" the experience of being born.


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Autobahn Turns 75, Reveals Cultural Differences in Safety

The Nazis wanted everyone to believe that they invented it (not true). American libertarian drivers would have you believe it's safer than U.S. freeways (likewise false). The German Autobahn opened on August 6, 1932, a small spit of about 12.5 miles between Cologne and Bonn. Since then, it has been one of the most important testing grounds for automakers in the world. It's not just for the lack of speed limits that this infamous highway is known.


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The True Story of the Statue of Liberty.

In 1865 a young French sculptor named Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi went to a banquet near the town of Versailles, where he struck up a conversation with Edouard de Laboulaye, a prominent historian.

De Laboulaye, a great admirer of the United States, observed that the country’s centennial was approaching in 1876. He thought it would be a good idea for France to present America with a gift to commemorate the occasion. But what? Bartholdi proposed a giant statue of some kind … and thought about it for the next six years.

The True Story of the Statue of Liberty


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