The BP Cover-Up

WE'RE SWINGING ON ANCHOR this afternoon as powerful bursts of wind blow down through the Makua Valley and out to sea. The gales stop and start every 15 minutes, as abruptly as if a giant on the far side of the Hawaiian island of Oahu were switching a fan on and off. We sail at the gusts' mercy, listing hard to starboard, then snapping hard against the anchor chain before recoiling to port. The intermittent tempests make our work harder and colder. We shiver during the microbursts, sweat during the interludes, then shiver again from our own sweat.

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Italien will BP-Bohrung im Mittelmeer stoppen

BPs Bohrpläne im Mittelmeer alarmieren Europas Politiker. Der Energieriese will vor der libyschen Küste noch tiefer bohren als im Golf von Mexiko. Jetzt fordert Italiens Umweltministerin ein vorübergehendes Tiefseeförderverbot in der Region - und bekommt Schützenhilfe von EU-Kommissar Oettinger.

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Photoshop of Horrors: Wired Readers Show BP How It’s Done

We asked you last week to help us show BP that when hiring unethical photographers (or photo editors) in the future, they should look for Photoshop proficiency on their resumes.

In response, you put the company’s pathetic photo-doctoring of oil-cleanup press photos to shame. Your work was not only more skilled, it was far more imaginative. Why just remove the ground beneath a parked helicopter when you could put that chopper on the moon instead?

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BP gets "wake-up call" and $32 billion in spill charges

BP Plc's newly named chief executive on Tuesday called the Gulf oil spill a "wake-up call" for the entire industry as the company tallied up its losses and disclosed two U.S. investigations.

Bob Dudley, who will replace gaffe-prone Tony Hayward as chief executive on October 1, said safety would be among his highest priorities as the first American to lead BP tries to refurbish the British oil company's battered reputation.

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Mittelmeer: BP startet Ölbohrung vor Libyen

BP will mit einer Tiefseebohrung im Mittelmehr beginnen. Die Rechte hatte der britische Energiekonzern vor drei Jahren von Libyen erworben. Aus den USA kam vor kurzem die Kritik, dass das Millionengeschäft mit der Freilassung des libyschen Lockerbie-Attentäters zu tun hat.

Der Energiekonzern BP will die nächste Tiefseebohrung im Mittelmeer vor der Küste Libyens starten. "Die Bohrungen werden in wenigen Wochen beginnen", sagte BP-Sprecher David Nicholas am Samstag der Nachrichtenagentur dpa und bestätigte damit einen Bericht der "Financial Times". Die Zeitung berichtet, dass die Bohrung im Golf von Sirte erfolge.

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BP Hires Prison Labor to Clean Up Spill While Coastal Residents Struggle

In the first few days after BP's Deepwater Horizon wellhead exploded, spewing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, cleanup workers could be seen on Louisiana beaches wearing scarlet pants and white t-shirts with the words "Inmate Labor" printed in large red block letters. Coastal residents, many of whom had just seen their livelihoods disappear, expressed outrage at community meetings; why should BP be using cheap or free prison labor when so many people were desperate for work? The outfits disappeared overnight.

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BP stalls payments to oil spill victims: Feinberg

British energy giant BP Plc is holding up payments to economic victims of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of a $20 billion compensation fund, said on Saturday.

"I have a concern that BP is stalling claims. Yes, BP is stalling. I doubt they are stalling for money. It's not that. I just don't think they know the answers to the questions (by claimants)," Feinberg told reporters.

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Key rig alarm disabled before blast: rig worker

An emergency alarm that could have warned workers aboard the doomed Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico drilling rig was intentionally disabled, a rig engineer told U.S. investigators on Friday.

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BPs Angst vor Forschungsergebnissen

Gegen den Ölmulti BP werden immer neue Vorwürfe in Sachen Vertuschung der Ölpest laut. BP soll versucht haben, sich das Schweigen von Wissenschaftlern zu erkaufen, berichtet die britische BBC. Das Großunternehmen habe umfassend versucht, sich Stillschweigen zu sichern, so Cary Nelson vom US-Verband der Professoren. Die Verträge hätten verlangt, dass man die Forschungsergebnisse nicht veröffentlichen und auch nicht darüber sprechen hätte dürfen. Bei BP fühlt man sich missverstanden.

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BP admits altering oil spill response centre image

Oil firm BP has admitted posting an altered image of its Gulf of Mexico oil spill response centre on its website.

The picture, posted over the weekend, shows workers in front of a bank of big screens displaying images of its damaged well on the sea floor.

BP spokesman Scott Dean said that three screens were blank in the original photo and Photoshop software had been used to add images.

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BP Launches Effort To Control Scientific Research Of Oil Disaster

Foreign oil giant BP is on a spending spree, buying Gulf Coast scientists for its private contractor army. Scientists from Louisiana State University, Mississippi State University and Texas A&M have “signed contracts with BP to work on their behalf in the Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) process” that determines how much ecological damage the Gulf of Mexico region is suffering from BP’s toxic black tide. The contract, the Mobile Press-Register has learned, “prohibits the scientists from publishing their research, sharing it with other scientists or speaking about the data that they collect for at least the next three years.” Bob Shipp, head of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama — whose entire department BP wished to hire — refused to sign over their integrity to the corporate criminal:
We told them there was no way we would agree to any kind of restrictions on the data we collect. It was pretty clear we wouldn’t be hearing from them again after that. We didn’t like the perception of the university representing BP in any fashion.

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BP's photoshopped spill response command center

...when AMERICAblog's John Aravosis pointed to a poorly Photoshopped photo of the company's crisis command center in Houston which was published on BP's official crisis response website. The company has now come clean (sort of) to The Washington Post -- claiming this morning that it was the photographer who snapped the image who was responsible for inserting three extra video screens into a bank of monitors. It still remains unclear, though, precisely why the alterations were even made in the first place.


Finally! This one's authentic, for sure via

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