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Transparent Screens

A lot of people have been taking photos of their laptops and/or computers with the background "showing" through. This collection of transparent screens now have a home on Flickr.

flickr 1 flickr 2 My first 5 minute attempt at a transparent screen

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Recycling photography

Spectacular (and occassionally gruesome) gallery of photos of recycling plants and products (like these bricks made from a variety of recycled metals). The roadkill compost heap is really, really creepy.

Take me 2 the story

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Welcome to my Sketchbook Diaires.

Everyday I draw a little diary comic strip and post it here. Two book collections of my diary strips have been published by Top Shelf Productions. However, there are some advantages to the online version...
Take me 2 the story

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außerlomografische opposition

Erst seit 2 tagen auf der ameise aber schon habe ich hier meinen lieblingsbildblog gefunden:

Hier wird digital fotografiert und publiziert. Wir verwenden Kameras, die wenig kosten und nicht viel mehr können, z.B. l'éspion, Snap100, Micromaxx oder QuickCam.


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