Monday, 16. January 2017

Your guide to The KLF, pop music’s original pranksters

They’re justified and they’re ancient, and they’re coming back after a 23 year hiatus – dive into the weird world of the music world conceptualists.

2017: What the fuck is going on? After embarking on a 23 year, self-inflicted hiatus, The KLF are back in an attempt to answer that question. Formed in 1987 by Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, The KLF made destroying the mainstream music industry their mission, and – perhaps inadvertently – became the embodiment of a country gripped by rave culture in the process.
Many a time The KLF attempted to be the undoing of their own success without ever really achieving it. Instead, intent on self-destruction, they somehow became untouchable. To some, they were artistic visionaries, to others, a novelty act – but that’s where their beauty lied. Extraordinarily self-aware of their place within music and the wider art world, The KLF’s mission was to confuse, and whether you loved or hated them you can’t dispute that that’s exactly what they did.
In a time when reality has become stranger than fiction, Drummond and Cauty’s return may be the reminder we need to realise just how absurd things can really become. With that, all aboard to Trancentral as we run down 26 ways The KLF are a band who should never have existed.

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