Thursday, 11. August 2016

Inconsistencies in Rape Allegations

For the first time, Berlin-based hacker Jacob Appelbaum has spoken out about the anonymous rape allegations in an interview. He said the statements were fabricated.

Inconsistencies have emerged in the allegations of rape and sexual assault against American Internet activist Jacob Appelbaum. Reporting by the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT shows there is considerable doubt about the veracity of the claims. A victim going by the pseudonym "River" claimed anonymously a few weeks ago that hacker Jacob Appelbaum had sex with her in his Berlin apartment while she had been unconscious. She had not consented because, she claimed, there had also been other people in the room. DIE ZEIT tracked down the young woman, an American, and has also spoken with eight witnesses who were present in the days and nights in January 2016 in which it has been claimed the crime was committed. The witnesses, can neither confirm that "River" was drugged nor that non-consensual sex occurred.

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