Friday, 22. July 2016

The High Priests of Marijuana Fitness

Jim McAlpine’s plan to open the world’s first gym for marijuana enthusiasts is coming along well. Pot-related businesses are having their moment in the United States, especially in the Bay Area, where McAlpine lives and plans to open his gym, Power Plant Fitness. Arcview Market Research estimates the size of America’s marijuana industry at a fast-growing $7.2 billion, and Y Combinator, the esteemed startup accelerator, made its first investment in a cannabis business—an “uber for cannabis” delivery app—in 2015. “I’ve raised money before, and it’s been an arduous, shitty process that I hated,” says McAlpine. “This time so far it’s been a pleasure. We’re in the position where we’re picking and choosing who’s going to invest in us. A lot of professional athletes and celebrities want to get involved.”

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