Saturday, 9. July 2016

Your guide to secret iPhone codes

Your iPhone has been keeping secrets from you. But now you can learn how to use them yourself. Every iPhone has a hidden “Field Test Mode” that will reveal helpful details like its signal strength and unique identifiers like its IMEI number. These aren’t normal features that you can find in your device’s Settings menu, which is where the secret codes come into play. You don’t have to be Alan Turing to use your iPhone’s Field Test Mode. The codes are relatively idiot proof and limited in their functionality. You’re able to pop up your iPhone’s internal hood, but you won’t have much of a chance to mess things up. This field test mode is by no means unique to Apple. Many mobile devices have a hidden menu for its “backdoors” already built in. Many of the codes have been in place for years and can even work on Android, while some vary by device or network.

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