Tuesday, 28. June 2016

The Weaponising Of Social Part 2: Stomping On IOError’s Grave

I once tried to tell Jacob Appelbaum a funny joke. He did not think it was funny. In fact, he was visibly mortified and uncomfortable. My joke was a retelling of something that had happened to me when I was still on the opposite side of the planet. I have a really dark, sardonic, acerbic Kiwi sense of humour, that has been sharpened by surviving everything that has been thrown at me to date. Unfortunately, it didn’t translate well. Fortunately, he didn’t make a smear website lambasting me about it. Warning There are Persons of Interest who the surveillance state merely monitors – and there are those who it actively harms. The latter, and those who facilitate and inflict that harm, will instantly understand that every word of this article is true. Everyone else is going to need to read carefully, do a lot of thinking, and click on all the links and their source links in turn. For this post is not just about a group of women who accused Jacob Appelbaum of heinous assaults and social improprieties, although that will be extensively covered. This article is, as promised, about the mammoth and monumental, colossal issues which are intertwined with that and are conveniently being overshadowed by it. For we are all being polarised into a fake diametric supposition – that either Jacob Appelbaum targets people, or Jacob Appelbaum is being targeted. But the real target is WikiLeaks.

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