Sunday, 26. February 2012

New Version of Flashback Trojan Targets Mac Users

Two weeks ago, Mac security researchers at Intego discovered a variant of the Flashback Trojan using clever methods to infect systems. On Friday, Intego reported that a new variant of Flashback is targeting passwords and as a byproduct of infection, Flashback is crashing several notable applications.

Flashback was first discovered by Intego in September of 2011. It targets Java vulnerabilities on OS X, two of them to be exact, in order to infect the system. Should Flashback find that Java is fully updated, it will attempt to social engineer the malware’s installation, by presenting an applet with a self-signed certificate. The certificate claims to be signed by Apple, but is clearly marked as invalid. However, users are known to skip such warnings, thus allowing the malware to be installed.

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