Wednesday, 15. February 2012

INDECT - For the Security of Citizens

Security of citizens is one of the most important priorities of EU. This fact has been emphasized in the Fourth European Security Research Conference in Stockholm, 29th-30th September, 2009. For EU FP7 Research Programme, Security call has been announced in 2007.

INDECT project has been initiated by the Polish Platform for Homeland Security ( The Project proposal was submitted by the international, pan-European consortium of 17 partners, led by the AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow, Poland), under the supervision of Professor Andrzej Dziech, the INDECT Project Coordinator. The consortium consists of 11 well-known universities, 4 companies and 2 end-users (Police Service of Northern Ireland and Polish General Headquarters of Police). It should be underlined that the INDECT project is a research project, allowing involved European scientists to develop new, advanced and innovative algorithms and methods aiming at combating terrorism and other criminal activities, such as human trafficking and organised crime which are affecting citizens’ safety. old shit

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