Saturday, 25. June 2016

Finding an ATM Skimmer: It pays to be paranoid!

Finding an ATM Skimmer on vacation at the Samsung Cash Machine outside St. Steven's cathedral in Vienna, Austria.
While on vacation with my family in Vienna, Austria, I went to grab some cash from an ATM. Being security paranoid, I repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader with my hand as I have 100's of times... today's the day when my security awareness paid off! Check out my discovery of a custom made card skimmer that perfectly matches up to this ATM machine!

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Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Brexit Tweet Is Getting Some Amazing Replies

After the surprising results of the ‘Brexit’ results out of the U.K., a very not surprising thing occurred on Twitter: Donald Trump posted something ridiculous.

Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Brexit Tweet

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Thursday, 23. June 2016

Here is how much money the senators who voted against gun reform received from the NRA.


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Life as a Verb: Applying Buckminster Fuller to the 21st Century

IF ONE BELIEVES the story, at the peak of his fame, Buckminster Fuller wore three wristwatches — one set for his current location, one for his previous one, and one for his next one. Jonathon Keats’s new book You Belong to the Universe appropriately situates the designer and autodidact in the present, past, and future — not just Fuller’s, but ours too. In fact, Keats’s central argument is that today’s would-be “world changers” can extract inspiration and even concrete examples from Fuller’s 20th-century life and apply them to 21st-century design futures.

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The Nintendo 64 turns 20 today

It was on June 23, 1996 that the Nintendo 64 made its debut — in Japan, that is. We wouldn’t see it on this side of the Pacific for another three months. But today is its proper birthday, and 20 years is a significant enough anniversary that we should probably just take a moment to remember just how awesome this console was — and is.

Nintendo 64 turns 20 today

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Why would you want a 1,000 core processor?

Are you familiar with the highly influential piece for programmers by Herb Sutter called "The Free Lunch Is Over"? He wrote it in 2004, just when CPU clock speeds were at a zenith. Back in those days, software developers could count on Moore's Law double the speed of their software every couple years. They could write something, wait a little while, and all of a sudden it was blazing fast. But Herb Sutter correctly predicted the end of this performance gain. The technical definition of Moore's Law continued — transistor counts kept doubling — but it has become more and more difficult to translate those transistors into actually faster apps.

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The price of LEDs is falling so fast it’s profitable to farm in a New Jersey nightclub

US agriculture has reached a tipping point: It’s now possible to buy greens grown indoors for the same price as those farmed in California fields thanks to the falling price of LEDs.
New Jersey-based AeroFarms is shipping arugula, kale, and spinach from a farm inside a former Newark nightclub to grocery shelves around New York City. Local ShopRites sell five ounces of AeroFarms’ greens for $3.99, the same price as EarthBound, an organic grower in California.

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No more rock stars: how to stop abuse in tech communities

Content note for discussion of abuse and sexual violence.
In the last couple of weeks, three respected members of the computer security and privacy tech communities have come forward under their own names to tell their harrowing stories of sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse committed by Jacob Appelbaum. They acted in solidarity with the first anonymous reporters of Jacob’s abuse. Several organizations have taken steps to protect their members from Appelbaum, including the Tor Project, Debian, and the Noisebridge hackerspace, with other responses in progress.

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Linux Australia adopts wait-and-see approach on Appelbaum

Linux Australia has predictably chosen to take the safe option in the case of well-known privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum who has been chucked out of various free software projects and associations after sexual misconduct charges were levelled at him.
The organisation has said it will not place any restrictions on Appelbaum's potential participation in any of its events until "facts in this matter become clear".

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Portishead Releases Video for Their Stunning Cover of ABBA’s ‘SOS’ in Memory of Slain MP Jo Cox

The British band Portishead released a new music video for their cover of the classic ABBA song “SOS“, which was featured on the soundtrack for the 2015 film High Rise, and dedicated it to the memory of slain Member of Parliament (MP) Jo Cox.


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Fortsetzung der Wahlanfechtungs-Verhandlung am Verfassungsgericht

Am Donnerstag um 8.30 Uhr haben die Verfassungsrichterinnen und -richter unter dem Vorsitz von Präsident Gerhart Holzinger ihr Beweisverfahren rund um die Anfechtung der Bundespräsidentenwahl durch die FPÖ am Verfassungsgerichtshof in Wien fortgesetzt. -

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Wednesday, 22. June 2016

Burning Man Is Coming To The Netherlands

Word comes through the pipeline that the non-profit company associated with Nevada’s Burning Man will be crossing the Atlantic and touching down in the Netherlands.
Burning Man Netherlands has been setup as co convey the 10 principles of its American counterpart here in Netherlands. Ten Principles that include: gifting, decommodification, radical inclusion, radical self reliance, and civic responsibility, shining a light on the world we need, rather than the world we have.
The jewel of Burning Man Netherlands will come in the form of a 3 day festival in 2016 called “Where The Sleep Sheep” held in the Veluwe over 29-31 July, 2017.

Where The Sheep Sleep Achtung Canvas-Fingerprinting

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