Tuesday, 20. September 2016

Mühlviertler Tee tschicken

Kräuter eignen sich nicht nur für heiße Aufgüsse, sie können auch das Ende der Nikotinsucht bedeuten.


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Saturday, 27. August 2016

„Drogen“-Prozess endet mit Enthaftung

Drei Somalier haben sich wegen Handels mit getrocknetem Kath in Wien vor Gericht verantworten müssen. Sie wurden aber nicht verurteilt, sondern enthaftet. Denn es muss erst geklärt werden, ob getrocknetes Kath eine Droge ist.

„Es ist schlicht und ergreifend völlig wirkungslos“, fasste Richter Wilhelm Mende die Ergebnisse seiner eigenen Recherche zum Thema Kath zusammen. Bevor er die Verhandlung auf unbestimmte Zeit vertagte, begründete er dies damit, dass sich der Tatverdacht insoweit relativiert habe, „als dass nicht mehr zwingend davon auszugehen ist, dass eine Verurteilung erfolgen müsste“.

Die drei Angeklagten, die sich seit knapp sechs Monaten in U-Haft befanden, wurden gegen Gelöbnis, das Land nicht zu verlassen, und Abgabe ihrer Pässe auf freien Fuß gesetzt.


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Tuesday, 23. August 2016

Happy Internaut’s Day Today Is 25th Anniversary Of The World Wide Web

Happy Internaut’s Day


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Saturday, 20. August 2016

Ten years later! - YOU SUCK


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The Weaponising Of Social Part 3: The Resurrection Of IOError

The genesis of this groundbreaking series was a moral obligation to highlight obvious discrepancies in the coordinated smears against Jacob Appelbaum (IOError). That smear campaign’s self-pronounced and ostensibly achieved aim was to permanently shut down his (anti-surveillance, anti-three-letter-agency) public speaking by casting him out from the very communities he has dedicated his life to supporting.


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Thursday, 18. August 2016

GoPro Hot Wheels Car Goes on Epic Joyride

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GitHub Universe Big Bang Benefit Concert

You've never been to an after party like this.
We’re doing something a little different with our conference after party and opening it up to GitHub communities outside of our conference attendees. The Big Bang brings together the community to support and celebrate an organization shaping the future of software, Black Girls Code. Featuring two extraordinary acts in the historic Masonic Auditorium, The Big Bang unites Universe attendees and the broader Bay Area community.
The concert is free for all Universe badge holders and open to the public for a $40 donation. All tickets are general admission seating.
Event Details
Wednesday, September 14 at The Masonic, 1111 California Street, San Francisco, CA.
Doors will open at 8pm. Light snacks will be served, and a cash bar will be available.

GitHub Universe Big Bang Benefit Concert


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This ancient text reveals a Maya astronomer calculated the movements of Venus over a millennium ago

A new analysis of the ancient Mayan text, the Dresden Codex – the oldest book written in the Americas known to historians – suggests an early Maya scientist may have made a major discovery in astronomy more than a thousand years ago.
According to a new study, astronomical data written in part of the text called the Venus Table weren't just based on numerology as had been thought, but were a pioneering form of scientific record-keeping that had huge significance for Maya society.
"This is the part that I find to be most rewarding, that when we get in here, we're looking at the work of an individual Mayan, and we could call him or her a scientist, an astronomer," says anthropologist Gerardo Aldana from University of California, Santa Barbara. "This person, who's witnessing events at this one city during this very specific period of time, created, through their own creativity, this mathematical innovation."


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Putting a computer in your brain is no longer science fiction

Like many in Silicon Valley, technology entrepreneur Bryan Johnson sees a future in which intelligent machines can do things like drive cars on their own and anticipate our needs before we ask.

What’s uncommon is how Johnson wants to respond: find a way to supercharge the human brain so that we can keep up with the machines.
From an unassuming office in Venice Beach, his science-fiction-meets-science start-up, Kernel, is building a tiny chip that can be implanted in the brain to help people suffering from neurological damage caused by strokes, Alzheimer’s or concussions. Top neuroscientists who are building the chip — they call it a neuroprosthetic — hope that in the longer term, it will be able to boost intelligence, memory and other cognitive tasks.

A map of myelin content (red and yellow are high myelin; indigo and blue are low myelin) in the left hemisphere of cerebral cortex. (Matthew F. Glasser and David C. Van Essen/Nature via AFP/Getty Images)


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A cannabis product is being tested by the NHS

An NHS unit is testing a cannabidiol vaporiser, the first cannabis product ever tested by the public body, which could hugely impact surrounding UK legislation if its medical benefits can be evidenced.
In a report by the Independent, they found that the producers of MediPen had been consulting with NHS production and regulatory support pharmacists in the last few months as they test cannabis oil formulation and its properties.



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The DEA Says Weed Should Stay Illegal Because If You Smoke It You'll Get Arrested

What’s so bad about weed that we should continue to keep it illegal in this country? The DEA is glad you asked. We should keep weed illegal because it is illegal, they say.
One of the dangers of weed is that if you smoke it, you might get arrested is an impressive bit of tautological reasoning, which comes from The DEA Position on Marijuana, a 2011 document recently obtained by MuckRock in response to a FOIA request. The document puts forth the agency’s arguments for why we should continue weed prohibition at the federal level. The whole thing is worth a read—it also includes an anecdote about using pot to treat an ecstasy overdose as supposed evidence that it has no medical value—but one bullet point sticks out in particular. Under the heading DANGERS OF MARIJUANA, it reads:


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Where does all that Colorado pot tax go?

Colorado is pulling in a significant amount of money by taxing recreational marijuana, but it’s not enough to pave the streets in gold.
In part because supporters of legal pot hyped the potential to raise millions, some Coloradans have been left to wonder why all that money hasn’t revolutionized life in our state.

$30.00 – 1/8 oz marijuana
$3.00 – 10% special state sales tax
$0.87 – 2.9% regular state sales tax
$1.43 – 4.75% regular Denver sales tax (including RTD/SCFD tax)
$1.05 – 3.5% special Denver sales tax

$36.35 – GRAND TOTAL


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